The Linux Operating System

Linux The Linux operating system is a freely available version of Unix. It consists of the Linux kernel, together with a very large number of free utility programs, much of it produced by the Free Software Foundation.

The Linux kernel was written by Linus Torvalds. Version 2.0 is the current stable kernel. The current patch-level is 2.0.36. There is also a development kernel, which is currently 2.1.129, and rapidly approaching release as stable kernel 2.2.

Configuring Linux for the Internet

These pages describe my configuration of Linux to connect to my ISP, Enterprise plc.

Connecting to the Internet from Linux

Automatic mail collection and delivery

Linux links

This does not pretend to be a comprehensive list, though one or more of these links may in fact be one. It is merely a set of sites which I have found interesting or useful.

This page was last substantially edited in 1998! I last checked these links on 23 July 2009. Please let me know if you find any that are out of date.

Promoting Linux

Linux.Org.UK A UK site for promoting Linux.
The Linux Home Page A main reference site for Linux, with many links.

Commercial suppliers

Red Hat Software Red Hat provide and support one of the most commonly used Linux versions.

Free software sites

Sunsite Linux The Linux software archive at the University of North Carolina.
Sunsite Linux - London The Linux software archive mirror at Imperial College, London.
Linux Kernel development site The site for releasing new kernel versions.

Specific software

Java for Linux Java is the portable language for the World-Wide Web; this site contains the Java Devolpment Kit for Linux, and other Java-related links.
Linuxconf A comprehensive system administration tool for Linux.
SAMBA SAMBA is software that allows a Linux server to provide remote disk access to DOS and Windows.
Learning Linux Software to test the performance of machines under Linux.

Particular projects

GGI Project A project for writing general graphics drivers to be included in the kernel.
Linux Plug-and-Play A project for writing software to handle PnP cards.

Information and links

Linux Resource List Aims to be a comprehensive link page for all kinds of Linux resources.
Linux-supported hardware A list of hardware manufacturers who support Linux on their products. (This is NOT a complete list of what will run with Linux.)

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