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Miniature Pottery Shop

I think of my pots as individual creations, and have actually had great trouble in categorising them for this website. Whatever you order, please remember that the size, shape and colour may all vary somewhat from the descriptions on this site.

If the combination you require is not in stock, it will take time to make, dry, fire, glaze and fire again—7 days at a minimum. If you require your order by a particular date, please specify that at the time of ordering.

Order by shape/size and by glaze (colour), as shown in the table. You can have any glaze on any shape; you are not restricted to the combinations shown here. For example, a medium-necked vase, size 1", in fjord blue glaze would be coded 07/C/FJB

Glaze Code Example Glaze Code Example
Fjord blue FJB Matt blue MBL
Autumn shades AUS Red RED
Green GRN Ash ASH

Warning: These photographs have been scanned and then interpreted by your browser and screen. The colours you see on your screen may be somewhat different from reality. In addition, there are slight variations of colour at each firing.

Shape Code Example Size
Size of largest
EU €
Bowl 01 A 4/12" - 1"
9 - 25mm
B 11/12" - 13/12"
26 - 32mm
Casserole 02 A 9/12" - 13/12"
19 - 32mm
Jug 03 A 4/12" - 8/12"
9 - 17mm
B 9/12" - 10/12"
18 - 21mm
C 11/12" - 13/12"
22 - 32mm
Plate 04 A 8/12" - 11/12"
17 - 23mm
A 4/12" - 8/12"
9 - 17mm
B 9/12" - 11/12"
18 - 23mm
C 1" - 12/12"
24 - 29mm
D 13/12" - 15/12"
30 - 36mm
E 16/12" - 17/12"
37 - 40mm

Prices include postage and packing within France. Orders for other countries will be subject to an additional charge depending on the total weight and the destination. We will advise you of the delivery cost before confirming your order.

You can pay through PayPal, who accept credit and debit cards (not yet); you may send a cheque; or you may do a direct bank transfer (email for bank details). Goods will not be sent until after your payment is cleared.

Standard size ware and special commissions

I make larger pieces, some of which are shown in the illustrations. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. Larger pieces require much more packing to keep them safe in transit, so it is not possible to set prices until the size and weight of the order can be determined.

If you would like a piece in a different size or shape from that listed here, please ask me.

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