Thoughts from a theistic viewpoint

These are articles on random subjects as I get round to writing them. Their contents may well change from time to time; if I receive any correspondence on particular subjects, I may react by publishing my response here.

They are written from a Christian Theistic point of view. This means that my basic world view is that God created the world and that the Bible contains his word to us. The Bible is true in all respects in which it represents itself as true; that is, where it presents itself as history, the facts it records did happen. Where it is poetry, the imagery may not be literally true, but the underlying message is true.

One other assumption I make is that, if most of the world says something, it is quite likely wrong, seeing that the world is under the dominion of the evil one. At the very least, we need to examine our cultural assumptions and our worldly morality very, very carefully to make sure they are really in accordance with the Bible.

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Oliver Elphick

Last modified: 22nd October 2015

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