Oliver Elphick

OliverI was born in 1952 and now live in Central Brittany, in France. Before that, I lived just outside Newport in the Isle of Wight from 1996 to 2007; previously, I had lived in Oxford since 1970, when I came up to Exeter College.


I'm a Christian. This page gives some of the reasons why.

As of July 2003 I have left the institutional church altogether. Here are some of the reasons.

My email address is olly@lfix.co.uk.

 If you want to send me anything encrypted, I have a GnuPG key.

I'm rather fond of words. Here's a poem illustrating the traps of English spelling and pronunciation.

The Elphick family

The name Elphick is not very common. As far as I know, it is Saxon, and means elf-high. I think this was meant as a joke: we tend to be tall (unlike elves).

I think the family originated in Sussex. Nowadays, the highest concentration of the name is in Sussex and the home counties of England, but there are Elphicks all over the world. I am attempting to create a family tree

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