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We specialise in business solutions using free and open source software.

PostgreSQL database

A database is an organised collection of information. Almost every business needs some kind of database, even if it's just a handwritten list of addresses in a book. However, computers are excellent tools for managing such information, and from many excellent pieces of free software we have selected PostgreSQL to do the job for you.

Linux o/s

Linux is the best known of all the free operating systems and has now developed to the point where it is an obvious choice not only for the server but also for the desktop. Linux is designed from the ground up as a modular system, and so is nearly invulnerable to the host of viruses and worms which plague users of popular commercial operating systems.


Many applications are available bundled with Linux distributions. You can get high quality software that would cost thousands of pounds if it were being sold as separate commercial packages. Almost every Linux distribution includes email servers and readers, web servers, image processing, games and much more. State of the art office applications are also available for free download.

Support and consultancy

Although source code is available freely for all these programs and programming gurus may be happy to play with it, most users only want to have a system that does their work without crashing or destroying what they have done. We provide support packages to let you benefit from the huge range of free software without worrying about being left to cope with problems on your own. If you need something special, we can provide consultancy services to help you build your own applications.

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